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About Company

Currently we are a stable and fast growing company in raw and precious metals trading. Our company was founded in 2015. Within this short period of time we have already established solid partnerships with major metallurgical companies in the Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Coordinated efforts of our employees ensure fast growth of the Company and Our Clients business. Competent resources distribution, continuous monitoring of all order processing steps, steady interaction with the Customer's representatives ensure high-quality results on time.

We deal with people, not just with metals. Each Partner of ours is most valuable no matter how much metal it has bought. There are no ‘major’ or ‘minor’ Clients for us. First of all we consider each Client’s individual needs.

We never make promises we are unable to keep, and stick to the simple principle that long-term collaboration is more important than short-term profit.

Company’s mission and philosophy

  • To become the leading metal market in Europe and the Middle East;
  • To always be on the cutting edge of the industry, continuously maintain and improve the quality of our services, to perfect processes and management systems;
  • To meet all the requirements of companies with various forms of incorporation;
  • Relying on the teamwork approach in achieving our goals, we highly appreciate the contribution of each employee to the company business development as this is how the history of the company is created, its traditions and experience are preserved
  • We stick to reasonable pricing policy, however, one should not expect dumping pricing from us. Our basic pricing principle is that the price of your order depends on how much and how often you buy.
  • We do not say "no", we just set prices and you have the right to accept or reject them as a Buyer.