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You can purchase investment-grade gold bars from our company and also sell gold to us.

The available options include cast, minted and bullion bars of different weights. The bar price depends on its weight, fineness and current exchange rate.



995 gold bars

(with a minimum gold percentage of 99.5%). Weight ranging from 500g to 1,000g

999.9 gold minted bars

(with a minimum gold percentage of 99.99%). Weight ranging from 500 g to 1,000 g

999.9 gold bullion bars

(with a minimum gold percentage of 99.99%). Weight ranging from 11,000 g to 13,300 g

Applicable bar requirements:

Each denomination of minted bars may have dimensional deviations in

  • length,
  • width and
  • thickness.

The bar shape and size may vary, which is detailed in a respective sale contract. The metal surface may not contain any

  • dirt,
  • grease spots or
  • scratches.

Due to the softness of gold, bars could change their form and shape over time becoming either convex or concave. The surface could become undulated. Marking details can be both concave and convex, but the bar weight is required to be legible. Stamping may not be corrected in any manner whatsoever. A distinctive sign may be present on one or more sides of the bar.

So why gold of all things?

Gold is an indispensable asset for diversifying savings (distributing capital to mitigate risks and losses). The unblemished reputation of the ‘yellow metal’ secures for it a special niche among other assets. However it should also be borne in mind that at any time gold can take on the role of money due to its unique properties: chemical inertness ensuring an infinite shelf life, and a highly concentrated value within a small physical volume.

Gold is a reflection of the worldwide inflation rate. Its price is affected by a range of factors, such as supply and demand, economic and political situation in the world, prices for natural-resource commodities, and below-ground inventory of gold reserves. It is common knowledge that nearly all countries have gold reserves of their own. It is a clear testament to the reliability and worthiness of keeping your savings in bank gold bars.