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Copper, along with copper-based alloys such as bronze and brass, is one of the first metals humans used. Along with iron and gold, evidence of copper being used dates back many thousands of years.

The popularity of copper is largely due to the fact that it is one of the few metals which occur directly in a useable form in nature. It is found in reasonable abundance in a number of minerals and mining for copper is relatively easy.

Copper possesses a host of important properties such as being highly ductile, anti-corrosive and good for soldering and brazing. It is a soft metal which helps explain its good electrical and heat conductivity attributes which rank as second highest of all pure metals when at standard room temperature.

Today, 60% of the world’s copper production is used for making electrical wires.

Available shapes:

Wire and rods

Available grades and specifications:

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  • Other non-LME grades available on request.
  • Other specifications available on request and depends on if its primary or secondary material and its shape.